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The Business of Satire News

News satire, also called fake news, has been around for a while. While many believe, sometimes respond in anger to news satire, it is quite different

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The Internet
Here’s the one thing you have to understand to be an internet writer

By Matt Hershberger from the Matador Network – I EDIT FOR A LOT OF ASPIRING internet travel writers, and I can usually tell which book it was t

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Welcome to the Macaroni Journal… my personal blog to share with you the way I see the world.

Herein is a collection of my own stories and experiences. I also spend hours daily wading through the Internet so you don’t have to, to bring you lots of cool and interesting stuff that I hope you will find useful and inspiring. For even more, check out some of the links below to my websites.

La Trattoria

A trattoria is an Italian-style eating establishment, less formal than a ristorante. There are generally no printed menus, the service is casual, prices are low, and the emphasis is on a steady clientele rather than on haute cuisine. With that in mind I bring you my Trattoria, a place to share my food experiences. Click here for all food
The Health Benefits Of Eating Black-Spotted Bananas
La Trattoria
The Health Benefits Of Eating Black-Spotted Bananas
La Trattoria
Pizza With A Side of Napkins
Humour, La Trattoria
The Perfect Crime – How to Steal Pizza